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So Ginger has had a lot of time on her hands lately. A LOT. She finished med school. And she’s about to start her internship. Or residency? No, it’s her internship. She’s going into psychiatry which is absolutely awesome and, in my opinion, is perfect for her. And every future patient she has. In any event, her free time has meant I’ve been spending more time hanging out with her. Been watching a LOT of Real Housewives. And Craft Wars. And stand-up. And tv in general. A LOT.

But all the while we’ve been watching horrible, horrible television, she’s been busy making crafty kind of things. Like my flowers. And prior to a little project she did before that, I always kidded her about her passion for crafting because, really, I never saw anything she made and it’s such an unexpected aspect of her personality. Like everything about her.

Anyway, after she surprised me with the flowers, she began working on a birthday gift for her sister: a little wizard about 8 inches tall that serves as a scented reed diffuser. (His little wizard hat comes off so you can get to the bottle.) And it’s pretty awesome. Both of these things – the potted flowers and the wizard – she just pictured them and made them. I had to take photos of the completed wizard because I was just as impressed as I was with the flowers and and thought it would be worthwhile, having the photos. I thought I had taken some specifically of his feet (because there was serious effort put into those, but I can’t find any closeups; they’re only in the first image. Anyway, here are the photos.

There’s going to be a follow-up post on this whole arts and crafts business wherein I detail future crafting plans and other things Ginger. She and I have talked for years now about building her a website and we’re finally actually doing it. And that’s pretty neato. I think it’s going to be awesome and incredibly entertaining and supremely helpful and good. To the core. I can’t wait. But more on that later. For now, here are the wizard photos. I seriously want one for myself.

The Wizard. His little hat lifts off and there’s a small bottle serving as the base to hold the oil and reed sticks.

Wizard #992

Wizard Reed Diffuser by Ginger.

It’s the attention to detail. Love his hat and that just his nose is visible. The intricacy in all of the small little pieces and how she focused on the details and crafted it into being is what, to me, gives it that childlike magic appeal.
Wizard #6

The wand.
Wizard #3

The beard.
Wizard #9

Full shot again.
Wizard #11

I had the Wizard pose for a mug shot. I don’t know why.
Wizard #986 (Hard Times Edition)

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