Delerium from the heat

As I was standing in the shower at 4:10 in the afternoon, something new dawned on me.

You know what your problem is? You have too many aspirations. Too many things you want to do. Each of your dreams and goals and wishes and hopes, individually, are probably good ideas. Maybe unrealistic at times. But you just have too many of them! You’re too distracted!

An immediate solution to that problem didn’t come to mind. A few days ago, Ginger, after listening to me spew forth some tremendous idea about how to make the world a better place (during which I pondered some early issues and said, “Well, we’d have to work out some details, obviously”), says to me while not even trying to control her laughter,

I’m going to start calling you ‘Lofty.’

It really IS a problem. This thinking about things. But as I stood there under the shower head, pondering why it is that I continually give any time to the ideas or hopes or dreams, I started thinking about how good the shower felt. With my window AC unit pretty much non-functional, a semi-cold shower (which I rarely take) was really hitting the spot. It felt soooo good. Sooooo relaxing.

Nothing is more refreshing than that first shower of the day. And as I was standing there, I was thinking,

You know, this really is the best thing. This is my time to sort of decompress from everything. But really? How much better would my day be if I showered RIGHT when I got out of bed rather than later in the day? I haven’t done that in so long and it’s such an event waking up. A shower has got to be great right after you wake up.

(Today was a strange day, getting my first shower well into late afternoon.)

Even better, how awesome would it be to just wake up into a pool of water? Like each day?! When you wake up, you wake up in water set to the absolute perfect temperature. And every day, you’re born new into this world with the most positive relaxing attitude?

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I thought about the potential of drowning. Lawsuits. It would have to be engineered very specifically and, obviously, very comfortably. I wish this were Schrödinger’s cat and once I finished typing this, I could hit up Google and find that someone else already had this idea.

It’s very probable that someone has had this same idea, even if it hasn’t been expressed or documented online anywhere. There are 7 billion of us. If the idea itself isn’t the solid win, better minds exist to modify it. We should get a team of people to look into this. I would so love to have a wake-up pool. You know, that made me feel awesome first thing in the morning.

Crap, it’s hot in here. I hope they fix the AC tomorrow! Right now, all I can do is sit here and be as motionless as possible. I was actually planning to go to the beach after my shower, but then I would have to walk back here to my hot apartment and take another shower. And the shower part is good, no doubt. But then I’d just have to be reminded about how I’m living in South Beach with non-functioning AC in August.

I’m getting out.

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