Neato Torpedo!

A lot of exciting things are coming up.

  1. In the next couple of days, I’ll be receiving some packages in the mail. Contained within those packages are hundreds of thousands of original photos. The only copies that I have. Street photography photos. Photos of my trip across the country and back. Photos of models. Photos of my friends and family. Photos of my children.

    For all of the photos, I have a use. It’s been too long that I’ve not had these, so I’m very excited.

  2. In 11 days, my son will be here. He’s staying for a week. This will be the high point of the year for me.

I guess by “a lot” I only meant two things. But really, that’s plenty.

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Hello, I'm Scott. I take photos. Do things. Whatnot. Mixed Digital Media Artist.

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