Still life #949

I’ve been so excited lately. I’ve just received in the mail some very personal belongings that have been away for two years. But so much more than that, the thing that’s filling my head with excitement is that my son will be here in well under 100 hours.

I’ve missed him so much and cannot wait for him to get here.

Among the personal items I recently received was a large box full of DVDs. On the DVDs are almost all of the original photos I took from the time I arrived in South Beach until just after the death of my oldest son. They’ve been sitting in a box in the Carolinas all this time.

Photos I took and forgot about. Many, never touched, never processed, never published. Photos from the streets of South Beach, photos of my sons. Stills of life, moments in time. Frozen. I have tens of thousands to sort through. I’m glad that I came up with at LEAST a rudimentary system for managing photos since I’ve been doing this.

I’m soooo anxious to go through them all. Some of them are very personal and I won’t publish much of that, but then there’s a lot of everything else. Street, models, life…

Still life #949

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