Airboat in the Everglades

Recently, I went to the Everglades with Miami Tour Company and went on an airboat ride. It was rather excellent.

Couple of notes:

1) The video was shot with my GoPro Hero2. I apologize for the shakiness. The camera wasn’t mounted; I was holding it while I was snapping photos, trying to be still on both fronts. 🙂

2) The photo at the end with the airboat going off in the distance? I was standing in the water for that shot. And very anxiously awaiting for the boat to turn around and pick me up. As, you know… The Everglades. Alligators. On the Gator Park tour. (There’s another photo below where tourists are photographing the gator bait that is me as I stand in the water, Gus Moore watching my back. In that photo, the expression of the guy in the red shirt at the front of the boat is priceless.)

STRONGLY recommend booking a tour with Miami Tour Company for this. Fantastic views and really just a lot of fun. It’s not everyday that you get to fly across the water in an airboat in the Everglades. Very, very cool. If you’re a photographer, GoPro enthusiast, or videographer, it goes without saying that you should absolutely do this.

I want to go back and shoot more footage with two or three mounts fixed to an airboat. Just phenomenal views. Photos below.

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