Today, I had a shoot with a girl who I’ve shot before. (The shoot was the first official shoot of a new project that’s been in the works for a while now. I’m going to be offering free photoshoots to the female populace. The free shoots being offered will be shot in the style of their choice (fashion/swimwear/casual/lingerie/nude/implied) and last a maximum of two hours; the client can pick and choose their favorite 10 photos from the shoot. I will then process those images as necessary and deliver them to the client. Free of charge. The only other limitation I have is that the shoots NOT be erotic. That’s a separate business altogether.)

Man. Longer parenthetical than I intended.

Anyway, during our shoot this morning, as I’m in the zone, and the shoot’s going awesomely, a douchebag appeared. A rude, self-absorbed, incnosiderate douchebag. Which I guess is redundant, but I can’t stress enough how douchey he was. Allow me to point out the error of his ways.

We were shooting in a public place. On and around a bridge and in a residential area. In the middle of the shoot, a guy who had already once ridden by on his bicycle came back. He lived in a building we were shooting close to I would learn. And I would learn this because…

In the middle of our shoot, he stops his bike, and begins a conversation with the model. He introduces himself to her, then remembers meeting her somewhere previously. He drags this thing on until he finally forces her to take down his number and text him immediately so he’d have her number.

In the middle of our shoot!

At some point, he turns to me to introduce himself. He rattles on to her about his studio up in his apartment and how he’s an artist and wants to paint her. You scumbag.

In the middle of our shoot!

I think I was just in too much of a state of shock at his absolute rudeness and complete lack of respect to say anything.

Eventually, he goes away. We continue shooting. And a few minutes later, he appears again!! Now he’s waving his cellphone out in front of his face, talking to the model and saying he’s going to take a picture from his cell and work from that. Just no concern or care for anything that’s going on. What he wants is clearly the only thing of importance and he gives absolutely no shits about the fact that he’s interrupting a shoot. You… you dick.

After he snaps a photo of the model (who is as baffled as I am by this douchebag behavior), he points his cell at me and says, “One of you, too,” or something to that effect. I immediately raise my camera bag to cover my face and tell him, “No photos of me. Delete that.”

After a couple more spastic moments, he wanders off, apologizing for taking my photo. Not for anything else. Maybe if I had told him what a complete douchebag he was for ALL of his behavior, maybe he would’ve apologized for everything.

Urban Jungle Girl #778I should have called him on it on the spot but I think I was just too much in a state of shock. Because it’s not like I don’t have nerve or won’t stand up for things. Especially over the past year. I’ve gotten all up in people’s business about some shit when they’re acting completely disrespectful to others or to me.

Maybe he’ll find this, though, and see himself in it. Serious, serious douchebag moves, dude. Seriously. Rude. Inconsiderate. Douchey. Change your ways and don’t be an ass.

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