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Recently, a friend who use to do a bit of photography mailed me one of his old lenses. A manual focus 105mm Nikon lens. Of course, I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II but I bought a lens adapter about three years ago which would allow me to use Nikon/Nikkor lenses. Having shot with a few different Nikkor lenses over the years, I do love their glass. Not enough to convert, though, obviously. I’m a Canon guy, through and through. Anyway, I went out yesterday to take it for a test drive.

Fresh bananas at La Sandwicherie
Fresh Fruit #481

Fresh mangoes at La Sandwicherie
Fresh Fruit #480

This man, I know and don’t know at all. I see him nearly every day. He lives in an alley nearby. Nice fellow. We have a few things in common. I give him a couple of cigarettes a day, which, I did the math on and it equates to around $125 a year in cigarettes.

His English is better than my Spanish so a lot of our conversation is him talking to me and me trying to pick out the one important word or phrase. Body language and talking with his hands helps. Beyond the regular “Happy New Year,” “Give me one cigarette,” and “Hallelujah,” our conversation is similar to one you might have with a grocery clerk you would see regularly if you were to visit the same store, day in day out.

The fact that I don’t speak Spanish is never a deterrent for him to have a conversation with me in Spanish. Although, it’s never a whole lot. Just the casual chatter, I assume, of two people in an alley. At least, I hope. I hope he hasn’t been relaying the master plans of the universe or anything.

He’s almost always smiling which, thinking about it, is more than I can say for a lot of people. I’m glad he let me take his photo. (He actually smiled for the first five clicks I took, but then when I reviewed them, I realized I had forgotten to turn down the ISO from shooting a previous night so everything was white. He didn’t smile the second time around.)
Man against a wall.

The youngest member in a troupe that’s been appearing on Lincoln Road beside the fountain at Washington Ave for well over a year, maybe longer.
Performer #499

Crowd reaction.
Crowd #501

June 23 was “World Swastika Rehabilitation Day” apparently. At least for the Raelians. I didn’t realize this until I got home and hit the internet with the URLs.
Raelians. Hey, at least they give us “International Go Topless Day.” A movement I can totally get behind. This one, though, not so much.
Capturing the moment #511

Dancing to, of course, Michael Jackson tunes. He’s good, but he’s no King of Pop. But he’s good.
Performer #529

The remaining photos from yesterday I took with my trusty Sigma 24mm which I’ve used for years now.

You had me at “El Heat.”

I want to say that this is a father-son duo, but I can’t make that assumption. The little guy could be his nephew. Or maybe he’s the kid next door who’s having to work off a broken window. Who knows. The father-son duo makes me want to give them a dollar more, though. They should really have a sign with their story to help end the mystery. Regardless, it’s nice to hear some trumpets playing in the middle of the day. Lincoln and Drexel.

I realize as I posted this, that all my exif data is screwed up on this. But look, there it is. Buildings. Stairs. A neat sign. Some numbers. A gate.

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