From about the time that I started taking photographs here on the beach, I’ve often ventured out into the water with a camera in my hand. Risky, considering that I’ve done it without any type of water casing or even ziploc bags. I’ve had a water casing on my wish list for almost as long as I’ve been stepping out into the ocean. I still need one. But…

I bought a GoPro. Hero 2. My early birthday gift to myself. The ocean is now mine. I’ll be using the camera everywhere, though. Street. Ocean. And, of course, the erotica. (I tested it out in my last shoot, and damn, what a great idea THAT was.)

It rained today so I took it out. Rough waters. Not the typical clear waters of the beach.

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Hello, I'm Scott. I take photos. Do things. Whatnot. Mixed Digital Media Artist.

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  • LilacJul 01, 2012

    I like thes Go Pro’s, Scott. Went paddleboarding yesterday and wished I had one on my head. Sometimes, I would like to place one on Jasper’s head just to see where his eyes follow. Must be fasciniting. Even if it stops on poop. It would still be interesting to see the mind of DOG.

    I got the picture you sent, thanks so much. Priscilla looks beautiful in it. If you happen to have any others of me, I’d be ever so grateful to receive them.

    I love this site. Lighter and fresher than Ip. Keep it up!


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