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Wake up to something good

Wake up to something good

Scott Alexander April 25, 2010

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Dear friends,

I have become lost in my head. The past two months have been mad games of mini-mental olympics. My mind is tired. I have gone through every extreme of emotion, jumped through every analytical hoop, and I am tired.

Construction #466 (DirectMachine Edition)

There was a time in my life not long ago when the world was beautiful. Everything made sense. But so much more; it was transcendental. And I was there in that moment. Happy. Life was more than just good.

I have lost that place. That wonderland.

So, dear friends, I’m going to take some time off to find that place again. I’m retiring for the night. I’ll see you in the morning. And when I wake, I would like once more to wake up to something good.

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